Unlike most politicians, I will not send empty words and hypocritical prayers to London, Egypt, and other parts of the world where people are beheaded for their faith or killed indiscriminately.

Instead, I send you courage, bravery, loud voices, and the righteous anger that will knock Islamic terrorists on their behinds and into Hell where they belong. I send you my prayers – the ones I pray daily – for evil to be confounded and the plans of the wicked to be undone.

And I send a message to those who would dare to step into my country to destroy me, my family, and my community: You. Will. Not. Succeed.

We have a sitting president who will finally call you out for what you are: a sect whose only existence is to watch the world burn.

Finally, true Christ-followers around the world are uniting against you. Your cowardly pack of filth will never succeed because Jesus sits on the throne yesterday, today, and forever.

And He’s got the WHOLE world in His hands.